Frequently Asked Questions

   The following are the answers for the most frequently asked questions about RFID and ProudTek company.

If you need some product we are not supplying presently, you could check with us, and our engineers will evaluate the possibility of developping, and we will reply you accordingly.

If customers are interested in any of our products, they can send inquiry to us or call us, to about details, we will answer questions.

if the product meet our customer's requirement, we will send proforma invoice, and customer will pay deposit according to PI, we will start production. When goods ready, we will inform customer to pay balance, and we will deliver the goods after blance received

The delivery is dependent on the product category and order quantity.

1, for the keyfobs order with quantity among 5k and 50k pcs, the delivery time is 2 weeks, 2, for ISO card order with quantity among 5k to 50k pcs, the delivery time is 1 week normal. if need personalization, it might take 3 or 4 extrally normally, 3, for silicone wristband with quantity among 5k to 50k pcs, the delivery time is 2 weeks 4, for other quantity and other goods, please check with us specifically, we will reply according to the material stock and production line status.

Proud Tek provide two year warantee for all the product we supplied, if any product failed to work, we will compensate our customers.

Proud Tek provide strong package for all the goods we supply, the package meet exporting standard.