Crystal Card

Product Introduction:

Crystal Card is named after its crystal appearance, made by dripping epoxy resin and curing agent on non-standard printed PVC card, also called "Epoxy Card". It is highly personalized RFID card.


1, It is dustproof, waterproof, three-dimensional, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, no foam, erosion resistant, non-yellowing, transparent like glass, feel comfortable, looks beautiful. 
2, size and shape can be customized, distinctive and exclusive 
3, logo and image can be made with 3D stereo effect. 
4, high quality glue ensures viscosity and product quality, 
5, encapsulate with a variety of RFID chip, 125khz, or 13.56mhz.


•Dimension:35*25*2mm/ 30*40*2mm •Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz


• Layout printing: offset printing, UV printing, digital printing, metallic gold/silver background, gold/silver hot stamping,

• Number printing: Inkjet printing, thermal printing/flat number, laser engraving, CO2 laser code engraving

• Craft: QR code, punch hole

Frequently Used Chip:

•125khz: EM4200, EM4305, TK4100, ATA5577 •13.56mhz: Mifare 1k S50, S70, FM11RF08


•1.ID Badge, 2.Security/Access Control, 3.Ticketing for public transport , 4.Loyalty program

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