Mini Ceramic RFID Tag

Product Introduction:

Pills Tag is a smll RFID transmitter, also called button tag.


1, very small, easy to hide and install
2, dust-proof and water-proof


Material: ABS
Dimension 13*9*3mm
25* 25* 2.8mm
Frequency: 902-927MHz(ISO18000-6C)
Working Mode Passive
Reading Distance 0.5-3m for H3 (depending on reading device)
1.5-3m for M4QT (depending on reading device)
Working Temperature: -30~110℃
Storage Temperature: -40~105℃
Installing Sticking


Frequently Used Chip:

EM4200, TK4100, Mifare S50, iCode


Tracking and anti-forgery of IT asset, network and communication equipment, tools and components, mold, motor, and other exquisite equipment.

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